Travelling from Singapore to Malaysia in the most convenient way!

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Singapore and Malaysia, two neighbouring countries, welcome numerous tourists and travellers every day. Whether it is for the sake of holidaying or for personal reasons, or even for official requirements, every day, a huge number of people have to travel from Singapore to Malaysia and vice versa. To make sure that this transfer is a comfortable one, the KTM railway system or the Keretapi Tanah Melayu is the most helpful mode of conveyance.
How to visit Malaysia from Singapore?
If you are travelling from Singapore and want to reach Malaysia, the nearest railway station of Malaysia is Johor Bahru. Johor Bahru is the capital city of the state of Johor in Malaysia, which is situated at the border next to Singapore. Hence, when you take a train from Singapore to Johor Bahru, you will be able to reach your destination on time. There is a new railway station named the Johor BahruSentral railway station or the JB Sentral that operates a number of trains from and to Singapore, every day.
Choosing the right train:
The best train option that you can choose from KTM Singapore to JB is the shuttle train. These shuttle trains run between JB Sentral to Singapore and vice versa, 14 times a day – 7 times from Singapore to JB and 7 times from JB to Singapore. The shuttle leaves early in the morning and is available till late at night. The best part of this trip is that one will be babel to reach the destination in just 5 minutes by this superfast shuttle train. The trip starts from the Woodlands Checkpoint railway station of Singapore and will take you to JB Sentral.
Purchasing the tickets:

ktm singapore to johor bahru
The shuttle train service from Singapore to JB Sentral offers railway tickets that can be purchased both online as well as from the ticket counters, in person. However, the best way to purchase these transfer tickets is through the online ticket selling platforms and websites. There are a number of websites that let you purchase these tickets with convenience, without having to face the trouble of standing in long queues at the railway ticket counters.
However, there are a number of online ticket selling platforms that you might be confused to choose the best one for you. In that case, it is a must that you choose a trusted and the most popular one. The online website that gives you the clear and easy navigation to go through the availability of the tickets is always the best one. In many cases, you will be able to save huge, if the sites are registered with the operators of the railway system. Al that you have to be careful about is that you book the tickets in advance, so that you do not miss out the tickets for the dates that are convenient for you.

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Top 5 holiday destination in KL

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KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – (KL) is a metropolis of quick financial and social advancement. It serves as a notable image of Malaysia’s future and additionally the eventual fate of the locale. It brags of 8.9 million vacationers a year, making it among the most went by urban areas on the planet. Here are spots to visit while in KL.

Little India or Brickfields

Situated close KL Sentral Station, Little India (Brickfields) serves as an inside to the Indian populace of the city. It is likewise a popular destination for sightseers who need to investigate Indian society and convention. For the individuals who need to purchase Indian garments and attempt real Indian cooking, Little India is the spot to go. Going by the spot transports you from the clamoring focus of Malaysia to one of the avenues of India. It is as though you went to another nation!

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Batu Caves

Another Indian legacy site in KL, Batu Caves (Rock Caves in English) is the most well-known Hindu sanctuary in Malaysia and is committed to the Lord Murugan. Indians every now and again go here to practice Hindu religious customs. At the base of the mountain is a sanctuary where visitors can enter to get their gifts from Hindu clerics. There are three altars inside, one for each of the three prime lords of Hinduism – Brahman, Vishnu, and Shiva. In the wake of experiencing the sanctuary underneath, you can go up 276 stages to get to the Temple Cave on top of the mountain. The cavern dividers have diverse Hindu sacred places that tell stories of Hindu divine beings. There are no charges to enter any of the sanctuaries however gifts are acknowledged in the places of worship.

Merdeka Square around evening time

Merdeka Square is renowned as a chronicled and recreational park in KL. It is in this spot where the Malayan banner was well-built in 1957. The vast and green field adjacent to the square makes it a decent excursion spot and an extensive play area for children. The region of the plaza is additionally home to numerous certain structures in KL that sightseers can visit. Among these are the Old KL Train Station, Galeri Kuala Lumpur, Royal Selangor Club Complex, and the Sultan Abdul Samad Building.

Fort A Formosa in Malacca

Malacca is not inside KL but rather is adjacent. It is the third littlest condition of Malaysia, found 150 km southeast of KL. It is otherwise called, “The Historical State” on account of its rich social and recorded legacy. Amid the season of their colonization of Malacca, the Portuguese and the Dutch made the city their port in light of its geographic area. This is the reason there are numerous European-like bases – old temples, fortresses, and houses– that is available there.

Menara KL

Remaining at 421 meters over the ground, Menara KL is the seventh tallest telecom tower on the planet and the tallest one in Southeast Asia. The tower is for the most part utilized for correspondence and TV purposes yet it has likewise turned into a vacation spot for its stature. Travelers can pay MYR 30 to go up to the perception deck (276 meters) for a 360-degree perspective of the city. Keepsake shops are additionally situated on the perception bridge. Over the perception, the deck is a pivoting eatery that serves excellent feasting dinners as well as drinks.

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Top 5 holiday destination in Malaysia

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Malaysia offers two exceptionally encounters: Malaysia has wild wilderness, orangutans, rock crests and remote tribes. Joined with some lush islands, extravagance resorts and colonials towns, Malaysia, for most guests, present a pleasant blend.

Pulau Tioman

Tioman is a little island located on the east bank of peninsular Malaysia. In the 1970s, Time Magazine chose Tioman as one of the world’s most magnificent islands. Vacationers have lots of the island taking after the time when, searching for an embodiment of sky. The island is included by different white coral reefs, making it a safe house for scuba jumpers while within is a thick forest. Be that as it may, Tioman can be in every way that matters betrayed at different times.

Mount Kinabalu

With a summit stature at 4,095 meters (13,435 ft), Mount Kinabalu is the lofty mountain in Borneo. The mountain is known worldwide for its huge plant and organic species biodiversity. There are more than 600 types of greeneries, 326 types of winged creatures, and 100 mammalian species at Mount Kinabalu and its encompassing. The key top of the mountain can be climbed efficiently by a man with a decent physical condition, and requires no mountaineering gear in spite of the fact that aides must join climbers at all times.

Petronas Twin Towers

The Petronas Twin Towers in KL are the world’s tallest structures before being surpassed in 2004 by Taipei 101. Besides, the towers are still the tallest twin structures on the planet. The 88-story towers are well-built with cement, steel as well as exterior glass making it look like an Islamic house, an impression of Malaysia’s Muslim religion. The Petronas Twin Towers include a sky scaffold between the two towers on the 41st and 42nd stories.


Malaysia’s best-known occasion destination, Langkawi is an archipelago of 99 islands in the Andaman Sea. The islands are a piece of the condition of Kedah, which is neighboring the Thai fringe. By a long shot, the biggest of the islands is the eponymous Pulau Langkawi with a populace of around 65,000, the main other possessed island being adjacent Pulau Tuba. The town Bordered with long, white shorelines as well as wilderness, secured slopes, and rugged mountain crests. It is anything but difficult to see why this is Malaysia’s most vigorously leading visitor destination. The most mainstream shorelines are on the west drift with a broad decision of eateries and restaurants and a percentage of the best resorts in Langkawi.

Perhentian Islands

The Perhentian Islands are the must-go place in Malaysia for spending plan voyagers. They have a portion of the world’s most magnificent shorelines and incredible plunging with many shoddy conveniences. The two first islands are Perhentian Besar (“Big Perhentian”) and Perhentian Kecil. Both the islands have palm-bordered white sandy shorelines and Turquoise Blue Ocean.

Sepilok Rehabilitation Center

Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation is a rehabilitation center for orphaned orangutans from logging locales, estates, and illicit chasing. The stranded orangutans are prepared to survive again in the wild and let go when they are ready. The Orang Utan haven is within the Kabili-Sepilok Forest Reserve, quite a bit of which is virgin rainforest. Around 60 to 80 orangutans are without living in the store. It is one of Sabah’s top vacation spots and an excellent stopover on any Malaysia agenda.

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Singapore to Kuala Lumpur Bus Ride Experience

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Singapore to Kuala Lumpur Bus Ride Experience


When you travel by bus from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur Bus Ride Experience, you will be able to enjoy a lot of benefits. The gorgeous scenery that you get to see on the way is one of the many reasons. If you are on a vacation, this is the best way to travel between the two countries. You will not regret making this choice because for the great facilities that you get to enjoy when you choose this mode of transport. There are low cost airlines operating between the two countries but the bus journeys are by far a better option.


Low fares

low_cost_icon-bigThe most important reason that makes bus journeys a better option compared to other modes of transport is the attractive fares. You will have to pay fares that are much lower than the cheapest airline tickets when you travel by bus. You do not have to pay for the service charges and other extras when you travel by bus. You can get a bus coach to Malacca or the other popular cities in Malaysia from Singapore by paying nominal amounts compared to the air ticket charges. When you take a look at the popular bus ticket booking portals, you will be able to enjoy special discounts on fares too. You can find best coach to Malacca easily for almost half the price compared to the flight charges. The offers to KL from Singapore are even better because of the prominence of the city in the list of preferred travel destinations around the world.


Excellent facilities

Since the prices are much low compared to flights, you might feel that the bus journeys are less comfortable. You are wrong here. The bus coaches are well facilitated with all required amenities to provide you with a wonderful ride. You have internet connectivity, video options, sleeping facilities and even food options when you choose to travel by bus. Some of these facilities are unavailable even when you travel by business class flights. Hence, the comfort features you get to enjoy when you travel by bus are definitely as good as, if not better, than the flight journeys. You should not forget the price difference provided when you take a look at the facilities.


Travel time

When you travel by bus, it will take almost four hours for you to reach the destination. It is definitely a longer duration compared to a 40 minute flight journey. But you should not forget the fact that flight journeys require your presence at the airport at least an hour in advance. You will also need to take a cab to the airport to board the flight and another one to reach your preferred location after landing.

This will again consume a lot of time. Hence, there isn’t gigantic difference in the travel time when you compare flight trips with bus journeys even though the former consumes less time. Bus journeys help you to reach your preferred places in an easier manner. Most of the buses cover the major spots in the cities before hitting the final bus stop. You will be able to reach your preferred places with greater convenience when you travel by bus.


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